Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services provided by The Law Offices of Melvin K. Rube encompass all areas of estate planning such as advising clients how the title to their property should be held; the disposition of assets upon death; the use of assets to support minor children and children with special needs; how to designate guardians for children in the event of the death of a child’s parents; the drafting of simple wills, wills which include a testamentary trust, pour-over wills used in connection with a trust, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, first party and third party special needs trusts and inherited IRA trusts; and the drafting of related estate planning documents documents such as quitclaim deeds, affidavits-death of joint tenant, certificate of trust, affidavits-death of trustee, resignation of trustee, appointment of co-trustee or successor trustee, durable powers of attorney for financial management and personal care decisions and health care directives.

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