Trust and Probate Litigation

Trust and probate litigation involves litigation arising out of a probate or a trust administration. In the context of a probate administration, litigation can arise over issues including but not limited to challenging the validity of a will prior to its admission to probate or interpretation of a will that has been admitted to probate, the appointment or removal of a personal representative, objections to a personal representative’s accounting; or the distribution of estate assets.

In the context of a trust administration, litigation usually arises over such issues as the validity of a trust or trust amendment; the interpretation of a trust instrument or trust amendment; compelling a trustee to provide beneficiaries with information about the administration of the trust and/or to compel a trustee to provide the beneficiaries with timely trust accountings; objections to a trustee accounting; removal of a trustee or the surcharging of a trustee for a trustee’s breach of trust.

Trust and estate litigation also involves litigation over the physical or financial abuse of elders. The Law Offices of Melvin K. Rube provides representation to fiduciaries (personal representatives and trustees) and to beneficiaries in trust and probate litigation cases. The Law Offices of Melvin K. Rube represents those bringing charges against individuals for physical or financial elder abuse and those defending against charges of financial or physical elder abuse.

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